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At Pawley Orthodontics we understand that everyone’s questions and concerns regarding treatment are unique.  You will be glad to discover when you visit our office for your complimentary consultation, Dr. Pawley will personally spend a great deal of time, addressing your and/or your childs potential needs and concerns with complete honesty; patiently educating you about the many benefits of truly high-standards, modern orthodontics.  Rest assured, Dr. Pawley is a specialist of integrity and does not ever recommend orthodontic treatment unless there exists a genuine patient benefit. In fact, for the vast majority of children he sees, he does not recommend early or two-phase approach to treatment; which sadly occurs in a majority of other orthodontic offices where monetary gain, and not what is simply best or healthiest for the patient prevails.  We strive to always clearly define your potential treatment needs and recommendations through descriptive verbal messaging combined with impactful, plasma screen visuals utilizing individualized smart-board technology.

If we find treatment is indeed necessary, information regarding the anticipated length and estimated cost of treatment will be provided, as well as an explanation of the necessary orthodontic records Dr. Pawley requires to formally and accurately establish his definitive treatment plan. Once orthodontic records are secured at our office for your convenience, utlizing modern 3D iCAT & digital photographic technology, and Dr. Pawley has studied, diagnosed, and treatment planned each individual case, he will meet with you for a detailed discussion of findings, before braces are placed.  For those patients with orthodontic insurance, we will verify benefits and take care of all insurance billings to help minimize your benefit concerns.  Sincerely, from our entirely honest treatment recommendations, to our superior quality bracket & retainer selections, to our resultant routinely exceptional completed finishes, we pride ourselves on not cutting any corners what-so-ever from beginning to end! Our experienced and friendly treatment coordinator will personally assist you and your family in facilitating a seamless transition from complimentary initial consultation, to the commencement of treatment.  We will be honored to provide you with an exceptional orthodontic treatment experience & result; one that will exceed your expectations & keep you smiling for a life-time!

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